Saturday, October 2, 2010

life is screaming with happiness. It feels so good to love, to dance, to feel, to celebrate, to laugh, to eat, to escape. I have had some of the best weeks here in Australia these past two weeks. My friend Alex came and visited, and we hung out with everyone and went to Katchafire, went to the Eastern on Wednesday. Katchafire was amazing. This week, on Wednesday after I got through my 2500 word essay and debate, went to double happy hour at Uni Bar. Met everyone there, then we went to an amazing local Thai restaurant near by for Blaise's Birthday. He payed for 10 bottles of wine for all of us and the bill! Then Thursday I went and saw Hubble 3D Imax :) The movie was amazing but was only 40 minutes! So me and Simon went to the James Squire Microbrewery, had heaps of beer and I had a wonderful Kangaroo dish. Very nice restaurant. Then we rented The Matrix, got some chocolate cake, a bottle of white, and went back. School the next day, then out to the city again. Simon and I went to East Bank right on the harbour. Then we had a dance party at his place. and it felt so good to just dance with the music blasting! This morning, he let me drive his car and we went to breakfast at Bronte Beach. Lovely week :) I am so thankful for my family and friends. It is such a wonderful place. AUSTRALIA.

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