Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i get to sleep in an extra hour tomorrow! yay!
what a week it's been... lot's of school, headaches, sore throat, bullshit.
I'm very excited to go home to be honest. I cannot wait to see all my beautiful friends. Going away really makes you appreciate what you've got. The people who care about you and understand you and love you are so important. True love. Not fake love, not protection. Just real love. I cannot stand phonies anymore. I can detect them so easily. I know when something's real and when it's not.
I've been reading so many book lately; one I'm reading now is called Mutuwhenua, about a New Zealander (Maori) and her life and her love and her family. I can't wait to write a book one day. Once I get a grasp on the meaning of my life.
As for now, I am quite content besides my longing for a dinner buddy. What's a good meal when you have to eat it alone?
Makes me realize that love is so important. No one deserves to be lonely.
Can't wait for next year. It's gonna be filled with camping, music, bars, love, yoga, and school.
Also a new house in San Luis Obispo which means new roommates and new friends!!

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